Momma Bear – Autism Awareness


Proceeds from this sale it will benefit Jedison. Jedison is a 7 year old boy living in Florida. His dad is in the Air Force and his mom stays home with him and his 5 year old sister. Jedison is a very smart boy who loves sharks, science, and math. However his disabilities cause behaviors that are out of his control and having a service dog would greatly help him and our family.

Jedison is diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, autism, and severe anxiety. We decided as a family that his love of animals would be a great way to help him with everyday things that he struggles with. Jedison has severe anxiety that affects his everyday life. Simple things like being frustrated at school, loud environments, or even daily changes can affect his anxiety greatly. Things we don’t think about affecting our lives, can affect his. The lighting in a room, the smells, textures, sounds, and more can all greatly affect Jedison.

Because of this anxiety, Jedison tends to have repetitive and sometimes self harming behaviors. A service dog would be trained to interrupt these behaviors. A service dog would be Jedison’s lifeline, his independence.

The cost associated with a service dog is great. We are currently trying to raise $10000 in order to pay for her training and costs associated with training an Autism service dog. As a one income military family this is a great expense for us. This is why we have turned to fundraising to try to help with the cost. We appreciate any help with these expenses!

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